Applying Your Vinyl Decals

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Please take the time to view our instructional videos before you apply the vinyl stickers we have sent to you. You can also view the written instructions that were sent to you by post along with your stickers/ decal at the bottom of this page.

Applying Vehicle Decals

Applying Name Decals

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Applying Your Vinyl Decals

The Dry Method

  1. Clean your destination surface. The cleaner the better and oils or dirt may stop the vinyl adhesive from sticking to your surface.
  2. Using a credit card or other stiff piece of plastic squeegee over the transfer tape – ensuring the tape is adhered to the decal below (sometimes the tape moves during transit so this is an important step)
  3. Lay your decal on the item you wish to place it on. Line it up so it is straight – for larger decals you can use a strip of masking tape along one side or the middle to ensure the vinyl stays in place and aligned.
  4. Turn the decal over and pull back the backing tape almost at 180 degrees to the transfer tape. Do this slowly. If any of the letters do not stick to the transfer tape as you lift, put the backing paper back over this letter and use your card to rub against the paper until it adheres to the transfer tape.
  5. Being careful not to touch the vinyl letters turn the application tape back over and carefully ‘roll’ it onto your destination surface. Do this slowly and carefully being careful to avoid creases.
  6. With your decal now placed on the destination surface use a credit card or squeegee like item to smooth the transfer tape and vinyl lettering firmly onto the items surface. This is important to ensure the vinyl lettering sticks to your destination surface when removing the transfer tape. Ensure you do this a few times and with significant pressure.
  7. Once you feel it is pressed on as good as can be, begin peeling the transfer tape off using a sharp angle, back against itself (180 degrees). If the image comes off the surface (remains on the transfer tape), simply lay back down, and squeegee as before, then try again  – remember, a sharp angle works best when separating vinyl from either the backing or the tape. If the decal does not stick, the surface was not fully cleaned, and may have oils or dust.
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